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Media Article / Seminar Report (written in Japanese)

Past Seminar Report (seminar theme)

Oct.7 - 15, 2017
Seminar in 4 cities in US 
(Japanese Pension & Returning to Japan)
Jun. 24-25, 2017
Seminar in San Diego,Los Angeles
 (Japanese Pension & Returning to Japan)
Oct. 8-16, 2016
Seminar in 5 cities (Japanese Pensio & Returnin to Japan)
Jun. 6-7, 2015 
  Seminar in Seattle, Silicon vallery
 (Japanese Pension & Returning to Japan)
Sep. 13-14, 2014
Seminar in Los Angeles (Japanese Pension)
Setp. 13, 2014
 Seminar in Los Angeles (Japanese Pension)

Media Article

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2016 ~ continue
Column article 'Japanese Pension and Returning Japan after retirement' in Website of 'US Frontline'.
   1 Public Medical Insurance 1
   2 Public Medical Insurance 2
   3 Japanese Pension for people overseas
   4 Survivors' Pension
   5 Elderly facilities
   6 Type of Japanese Pension
   7 Resident status for foreigners
   8 Japanese My Number system
   9 Procedure of US social security after returning to Japan
 10 Start Age of Japanese Pension benefit
 11 Kaigo (Medical care) of elderly parents living in Japan
 12 Procedure after decease of familiar person 1
 13 Procedure after decease of familiar person 2
 14 Advanced claiming, Defered Claiming of Pension
 15 Long term  care insurance 1
 16 Long term  care insurance 2
 17 Making your Life Plan
 18 Returning Japan and Naturalization
 19 Changing Driver's License after returning Japan
2017 ~ continue
Column article 'Japanese Pension & Government procedure'
in Website of 'Nichigo Press' in Australia
 1 Japanese My Number System
 2 Type of Japanese Pension
 3 Japanese Family Pension
 4 Resident Status when returning Japan
Sep. Nov. 2016
Article of Japanese Pension and Returning Japan after
retirement in 'Vancouvor Shimpo' in Canada
<Sep. 1> Pension for Family - Survivors' Pension
<Nov. 10> Housing ~ Elderly Facilities

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