Japanese Social Security & Pension
 Claiming and Consulting Service

  by Lifemates Labor & Social Security Attorney Office

(From outside of Japan)

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Do you have difficulty in Japanese Social
Security and Pension?  We help people …

  • who were enrolled in Japanese Pension (National Pension System,
    Employees' Pension Insurance System, Mutual Aid Pension), but have no
    idea how to check your pension record or claim your pension benefit.
  • who have worked or been living Japan before, but do not remember
    enrollment of Japanese Pension.
  • who have lived with Japanese spouse in Japan as a housewife
  • who's spouse currently receives or has received Japanese Pension.
    (Possibility of future Survivor's Pension)

Please contact us.  We will solve your problem.

If you are in trouble with procedure or paperwork for Japanese Pension, if you are anxious about qualification for Japanese Pension benefit, we
provide our consulting and representative service


Features of Our Service

  1. Free Pension Record Investigattion.
    We will​ investigate your pension record at Pension Office, and provide
    qualification for the pension benefit and estimated amount of the
    benefit.  This service is free of charge.
  2. Communication in English
    English communication is available by email.  Please also contact us in
    case that you have just language problem.  We make necessary
    documents of Japanese by translating.
  3. Lots of experience
    We have experience of providing our professional service to over 500
    customers.  We can handle with each Pension type, such as Old-Age
    Pension, Survivors' Pension and Disability Pension of
     National Pension
    System, Employees' Pension Insurance System, Mutual Aid Pension,
    Corporate Pension.
  4. Easy payment from overseas
    Payment by credit card (Visa or Master) is available as well as wire
    transfer through banks.
  5. No fee when no benefit
    If you are not entitled to receive Japanese Pension, we do not charge.
    We give refund (without bank comission) in case you paid the fee.
  6. For your family
    We support not only Japanese Pensnion menbers but also their family
    for Survivors' Pension.  Please feel free to contact us if you are a widow and your deceased husband had been enrolled or had received
    Japanese Pension benefit. Other than that we provide service of
    additional Family Pension and Divorce Pension Split.

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