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Do you know what type of Pension you were enrolled?

Overview of Japanese Pension System

1) Two pension systems

There are two kinds of Japanese pension, National Pension (KOKUMIN NENKIN)
System or Employees' Pension Insurance (KOSEI NENKIN /
KYOSAI NENKIN=Mutual Aid Pension) System.

In National Pension System persons should pay monthly insurance fee(contribution, premium) by himself/herself at the Japan Pension Service Office or the local
government office.  In Employees' Pension Insurance System company employers withdraw their Employees insurance fee and pay to the Japan Pension Service. 
Employers bear 50% of the employees' insurance fee, so the pension benefit
amount of Employees' Pension Insurance is higher than National Pension in general.

2) Pensionable age Old age Pension (Retirement Pension)

If you satisfy the contribution requirement to qualify for the Old-age Basic Pension under the National Pension system, you can receive Old-age Pension from your
pensionable age to 65.  Under Employees' Pension Insurance System, people with
the birth before the year of 1960 (1965 in women's case), pensionable age is
60-64 years.

3) Contribution requirements to qualify for the Old-age Pension

To be qualified, your total coverage of your enrolled pension periods need to be 10 years or more.  Originally the period was 25 years but it is 10 year now by the law amendment of the National Pension System in Aug. 2017.

Japanese government made International Social Security Agreement with following 16 countries.  Under the system of the Agreement, you can totalize your pension
period of both Japan and the other country to fill the gap for benefits
(Totalizaton of coverage periods)  

In this agreement, many people who were enrolled Japanese Pension even for
short period might be qualified to receive Japanese pension.

[16 contries under the Agreement with Japan]
Germany, United Kingdom, Republic of Korea, United States, Belgium, France,
Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Brazil, Switzerland, Hungary,
India, Luxembourg

4) Survivors' Pension

The deceased person's survivors can receive the Survivors' Employees' Pension if
they are financially dependent on a deceased person before his/her death and if one of the following applies at the time of his/her death:

  • The deceased person is an insured person or is a previously insured person who dies within 5 years of his/her first medical examination of the sickness or injury. When he/she started suffering from the above- mentioned sickness or injury
    causing his/her death, he/she must be covered under the EPI system; The
    deceased person needs to satisfy contribution requirements to qualify for the
    Survivors' Basic Pension.
  • The deceased person is eligible for the Old-age Employees' Pension.

Even if the marriage period is long, you are not qualified to receive the survivors'
pension after you divorce.  
When the survivors live outside Japan, it is not easy to
claim the Survivors' Pension.  Please see website of Japan Pension Service or
contact us. 

5)Divorce split of Employees' Pension

You can claim to split your spouse's Employees' pension after you divorce. 
Be careful that the Claim should be made within 2 years from the date of divource.

6) How to Claim Your Benefit

To claim your benefit, you need to file the "Application for Pension : Old-age Benefits under National Pension / Employees' Pension Insurance" at the Japan Pension
Service branch Office. You need to attach your Pension Handbook, a certified
extract copy of your Family Registry and other necessary documents. Please
contact the their Branch Office about necessary documents, which may vary
depending on your personal status.

>> Japan Pension Service English Website.


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